NiSi Filters 6-stop ND

Capture long exposures of 30-60s around sunset and sunrise.

Leofoto CEX leveling tripods

at the cutting edge of panorama shooting.

NiSi Close Up Lens Kit 58mm

With 49 and 52mm adaptors. Photo by Martijn Kort

How To Use a
Circular Polarizer

Photo by Michael Kolbe with NiSi Ti CPL

Bertus Hanekom

A Karoo farmer's expression


We sell a highly curated selection of photographic accessories from the world's best manufacturers. Our product selection is based on the opinions of Southern Africa's very best outdoor photographers, who put their gear to use in testing environments on a daily basis. 

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Selecting a Leofoto Head

Everything you need to know about choosing a ballhead and the options available from Leofoto. Photo by Emil von Maltitz

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Leofoto Ranger Leveling LS-325CEX Carbon Fiber Tripod Leofoto Ranger LS-325C Carbon Fiber Tripod Leofoto Ranger Leveling LS-365CEX Carbon Fiber Tripod Leofoto Ranger LS-255C Carbon Fiber Tripod Leofoto Summit LM-324C Carbon Fiber Tripod


Leofoto Tripods

Want to know more about Leofoto tripods? Find all the information you need to make an informed decision under any Leofoto tripod product page.

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Leofoto LH-40 Low Profile Ballhead Leofoto G2 Geared Tripod Head Leofoto G4 Geared Tripod Head Leofoto LH-36 Low Profile Ballhead Leofoto XB-38 Lightweight Ballhead


Leofoto Tripod Heads

Want to know more about Leofoto tripod heads? Find all the information you need to make an informed decision under any Leofoto tripod head product page.

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A Landscapers Secret Weapon: The Levelling Tripod

Learn why Leofoto’s CEX leveling tripods are at the cutting edge of panorama shooting. By Emil von Maltitz

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Encounters with the Dragon by John Hone

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NiSi Close Up Lens Kit

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The Chinese manufacturing revolution

Chinese newcomers like NiSi, Leofoto and Laowa are breaking the "made in China" stereotype by swiftly racing to the front of their industries and driving innovation. We believe the photographic manufacturing industry offers a taste of what is to come to other segments and we are confidently backing it.
Photo © YiYeGuZhou

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