Introducing NiSi Swift for Video – Better, Faster, Lighter, Cheaper

Say hello to the most modern circular filter system for filmmakers

The Foundation | 1-5 Stop True Colour VND

About 9 months ago NiSi released the new 1-5 Stop True Colour VND. Objective reviews quickly hailed it as the best VND in the world and it immediately became our best selling product. So many of South Africa's best filmmakers and gear houses switched their circular arsenals to NiSi True Colour over the last year.

A lot of beginners don't always understand why you need a VND for video and it is a fairly complicated matter, so we recently commissioned Sony ambassador Jacques Crafford to explain it. If you don't know what the X-effect is and why a VND should be capped to just a 4-stop range, you should watch the video as you will learn the fundamental aspects of capturing realistic cinematic motion

The (R)Evolution | Cheaper, Simpler, Faster 5-9 Stop

Until now, if you needed a darker VND for bright light or wide aperture scenes, you had to buy another 5-9 stop VND. Ever since the 1-5 True Colour took off, we've been asking NiSi when the new 5-9 stop True Colour is being released. We just got the odd "something big is coming, please be patient" comment. Well it is finally here - the NiSi Swift system. Keep reading...

  1. A variable ND is a complicated product that is expensive to manufacture.
  2. The only difference between a 1-5 stop and a 5-9 stop is a 4-stop film that gets added to the filter.

So why do most manufacturers make a light VND and also a dark VND? Why not just make a modular 4-stop to add to the existing 1-5 stop VND? Good question...and that is exactly what the Swift system is.

You can now change your 1-5 True Colour into a 5-9 stop VND by simply adding a modular ND16 that pops onto the front of the VND. That modular ND16 is around 60% cheaper than a 5-9 VND and offers better optical performance. It has all of NiSi's latest optical tech to ensure that image quality remains uncompromised all the way up to 9-stops. 

Split-Second Filter Changes | Is it Magnetic? Nope

The swift system works with a low-friction grip system. It just requires a bit of force to pop it on and release it again. While magnetic filters have been all the rage and marketing suggests that they are the end-all solution to filter mounting, there are shattered filters everywhere due magnetic filters falling off during sudden or jerky camera movements. NiSi wanted to avoid magnetic filter mounting because high quality magnets that will safely hold a R4000 filter without weighing too much is just too expensive to be practical. The Swift system is lighter and stronger than magnetic filter systems.

Black Mist & IR-Cut | Going a Step Further

Outside of VNDs, the two most commonly used filters in Video are 1) Black Mist for highlight suppression and cinematic atmosphere and 2) IR Cut for BMPCC and RED users. The swift IR-Cut filter is one of NiSi's most advanced filters to date - it comprises a total of 38 layers and their best ever nano-coating to ensure the truest possible colour for RED and Black Magic users.

NiSi have added these two filters to the launch line-up to offer maximum versatility and creativity with the Swift system.

The Best Part | Massive Price Reduction

This simplification of the technology reduces the price by 30-60%, depending on the configuration.

Example 1 - You already own the True Colour 1-5 and want to add the 5-9

  • Old Option - Purchase NiSi 82mm 5-9 VND - R3 999.00
  • New Option - Purchase NiSi 82mm Swift ND1.2 - R1 699.00

58% price Reduction from R3 999.00 to R1 699.00

Example 2 - You don't own VND filters and want to get started or you own poor quality VNDs and want to upgrade to NiSi - 

Previously - 

  • NiSi 82mm 1-5 True Colour VND - R4 399.00
  • NiSi 82mm 5-9 VND OLD - R3 999.00
  • NiSi Circular Caddy Pouch for convenient Storage - R749.00
  • Total - R9 147.00 

Now with Swift -

  • NiSi 82mm Swift VND Kit - R5 999.00
  • Includes 1-5 True Colour VND, Swift ND1.2 and Circular Caddy Pouch

34% Price Reduction from R9 147.00 to R5 999.00


Remove the 1-5 True Colour VND | As this filter serves as the foundation that the Swift filters clip onto, there needs to be a contingency for when you shoot in low light and don't want to use the VND, but do want to use the mist or IR-cut. A simple and affordable  adapter ring (R399.00 for all sizes) serves this purpose - allowing the swift filters to be mounted without the VND.

Stacking & Vignetting Issues | The only downside to stacking circular filters is the potential for seeing the filter frame in a wide view. Below is a guideline of how wide you can shoot with how many filters, but there are obviously fine tolerances that differ from brand to brand.

  • Single Filter | 1-5 VND - No Vignetting up to 16mm
  • Two Filters | 1-5 VND + ND1.2 - No Vignetting up to 18mm
  • Three Filters | 1-5 VND + ND1.2 + Black Mist or IR-Cut - No Vignetting up to 20mm
  • Four Filters | 1-5 VND + ND1.2 + Black Mist + IR Cut - No Vignetting up to 25mm


ETA + 10% off pre-order

The Swift system will start shipping in early October.  

Use the code "SWIFT" on checkout for 10% off pre-orders placed and paid before the end of September.

In conclusion

This product improves on what is already considered the best circular VND filter system in the world, complemented by a disruptive price reduction. It really is a massive leap forward and it will leave the competition behind for a long time to come. We are expecting demand to outstrip supply for the first few months. Stock will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Make sure you get your pre-orders in!

If you have any questions, get in touch on

Shop NiSi Swift System

Swift Kit Options

NiSi offers kit options for existing 1-5 True Colour owners as well as new buyers with different needs.

VND Kit – Allows 1-9 Stop ND range without X-effect or colour cast

  • 1-5 Stop True Colour VND
  • ND16
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch

Add-On Kit – Expansion Kit for Existing 1-5 Stop True Colour Owners

  • ND16
  • Black Mist 1/4
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch

VND Mist Kit – Full house filmmaker filter kit 

  • 1-5 Stop True Colour VND
  • ND16 Black Mist 1/4
  • IR Cut
  • Filter Cap
  • Caddy Pouch