Understanding The Stock Status of our Products

  1. In Stock - We have stock at our storage facility in Cape Town. As we make our inventory public, you'll be able to see on the product page how many of those items we have in stock. 
  2. Out of Stock - We carry stock of this product, but it is sold out. Stay calm, there is more on the way. Use the contact page or chat app to get an ETA. 

Our Goal

The primary reason for starting LANDSCAPEGEAR was the difficulty of acquiring premium photographic accessories in South Africa. The retailers don't sell much of the premium gear and thus the suppliers don't carry much, if any stock of it. Our goal is to offer the very best products by the very best brands AND to always have stock of everything on the site.

Capital Prioritisation 

When we started the business in 2014, our product range was limited to about 75 products, so carrying stock of everything required less than R200k. Our product range currently stands at about 600 high end products, which range in price from R20 - R180 000 and carrying our entire range would require nearly R5mil. in capital. For this reason, we don't carry stock of the slowest selling items, so that we always have stock of the items that are in frequent demand. 

That being said, in contrast to other dealers in South Africa, we carry stock of 90% of the Gitzo product range. You'll be lucky to find a single Gitzo product on the shelf in Cape Town, Pretoria or JHB's camera superstores.