f-stop Gear

Most manufacturers design photographic backpacks to carry loads of gear and then add some padding and shoulder straps as an afterthought. This backwards design philosophy is why so many people are still dissatisfied after years of trying a variety of packs from a variety of top manufacturers. f-stop Gear was the first company to take a step back and question this unpractical design of camera backpacks. The solution they came up with is simple, but absolutely brilliant. Fstop`s modular ICU system splits the bag into the camera-carrying part (ICU) and the `other stuff`-carrying part (Outer Shell). The system offers you the choice of how large or small each part must be AND it allows the camera-carrying part to be quickly interchangeable between different sized shells. Through constant communication with a team of ambassadors comprising some of the world`s best adventure photographers, they are able to constantly improve their product. Fstop packs are also better designed and manufactured in every other aspect, using better materials than any of the competition. This fundamental new concept combined with an unending dedication to develop the world`s best backpacks have resulted in exactly that.