PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-Cypress-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-Anthracite-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-Magma-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-
PRE-ORDER f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell-

f-stop Gear DuraDiamond™ Tilopa Camera Bag Outer Shell

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PRE-ORDER: Tilopa Cypress (Green) is out of stock and en-route for delivery early January. Tilopa Anthracite (Black) and Magma (Red) is in stock and ready to dispatch immediately. 

The new and updated 50l Tilopa is an important part of the f-stop range and can be considered a crossroad where the models get more serious. At first sight, it might be difficult to distinguish from the Ajna as the two are virtually identical in size. So what exactly is the difference between the Tilopa and Ajna? The Tilopa is a bit like the Ajna on steroids and is designed for shooters who test their gear to the limits. 

What's new with the DuraDiamond™ bags?

  • Upgraded DuraDiamond™ material is proprietary to f-stop and more weather resistant, lighter weight and stronger
  • BLOOM™ Foam in shoulder straps and hip belt improves comfort
  • Combination T6 Aluminum and plastic hardware
  • Upgraded weather-resistant zippers
  • Improved organization and storage features added to pockets, lid, and back panel, including padded laptop sleeve in back panel
  • Additional storage and organization in front, side, and lid pockets
  • Aluminium frame for all-day comfort
  • Pairs best with the Pro – Large Camera Bag Insert

Video Review of the f-stop Tilopa for Wildlife Photography by Marlon du Toit


Hypalon Padding - The first difference is more Hypalon padding on the front and bottom. Hypalon is a virtually indestructible and waterproof material and is strategically placed on the areas of the pack that will be in contact with outdoor surfaces. This gives you peace of mind to put the pack down on any surface without worrying about abrasion or damage.

Additional Mounting Points - The Tilopa features a 3rd set of straps on the front like the ones on either side. Anyone who has hiked before knows that place to mount a tripod, tent, sleeping mat, whatever it may be, is always useful. 

Larger Front Pocket - The front pocket of the Ajna and Lotus does not offer a lot of space and can only be opened on one side. Those of the Tilopa and larger models are of considerable size, can zip open entirely and feature an internal mesh pocket. 

Second Front Pocket - The Tilopa and larger models feature a 2nd front pocket below the main one. It is ideal for supporting the feet of a tripod mounted on the pack or for storing small items that you need quick access to. 

Stronger Harness System - The Tilopa and larger models have a more robust harness system and feature better padding on the shoulder- and hip belts for the best possible weight distribution of heavy loads. These models also feature a mesh stash pocket on the hip belt, useful for storing lens cloths, memory cards etc. 

Carry-On Compliance - The Tilopa is just a touch longer and deeper than the allowed carry-on size (56x36x23), but it is so close that we do not hear many stories of photographers getting into trouble in airports. It comfortably fits in the overhead lockers of domestic haul planes like the Airbus A320-300. It just fits in the overhead lockers of Airlink’s Embraers, as long as you pull the compression straps nice and tight and you don’t stuff the front compartment of the backpack to the brim as that increases the depth of the bag by up to 5-8cm. Always make sure you tighten the compression straps to trim down your backpack’s profile, tuck in all loose straps and belts and try not to let the airport staff see your backpack.

ICU Compatibility

The Tilopa can handle a wide variety of ICU's depending on how much camera gear you want to carry and how much of the main compartment you want available for other items like clothing, food or whatever it is you like taking on a shoot. Keep in mind that all Mountain Series shells have a large top-, front- and two side pockets in addition to the main compartment. 

  • The XL Pro ICU is a comfortable fit, but it leaves just enough space in the main compartment for a rain jacket or some snacks. 
  • The Large Pro ICU is a very good fit, leaving about 30% of the main compartment available for some other gear. 
  • The Small Pro and Medium ICU's occupy about 30-40% of the main compartment, leaving plenty of space for other gear. 

Padded Multipurpose internal sleeve fits up to a 15” laptop.


  • Height - 59.7cm
  • Width - 35.6cm
  • Depth - 30.5cm
  • Volume - 50 Liters
  • Weight - 1.9kg

Compatible ICUs

  • XL Pro
  • Large Pro
  • Small Pro
  • Medium Shallow
  • Medium Slope

If you're new to the f-stop system it can be tricky figuring out what will be suited to your needs. Send us a mail via the contact page with your camera gear and we'll get back to you with a recommendation within 24 hours.  

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    We have a no-nonsense approach. If a product breaks due to a manufacturer defect, we will replace it without asking any questions. If we have any reason to believe that the product was put through unreasonably heavy usage, we will have to follow the manufacturer's standard warranty procedure. 

    Find more info on proper care and use for each brand below. 

    NiSi Care & Use

    F-stop Care & Use


    The manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty on all products and we extend that warranty to our customers. Please read the below very carefully, so you understand your position when something breaks or doesn’t work ideally anymore.

    It is critical to understand that this warranty only applies to factory faults and not to standard wear and tear. Tripods are subject to a lot of gray areas in this regard as tripods used outdoors, particularly in sand and sea water, are subjected to extreme wear and tear. We will e.g. replace the affected part of your tripod if a carbon tube snaps or cracks without much pressure applied to it or if the apex breaks. We will not replace your tripod or the affected part if e.g. a joint locks up due to sand or salt build up or if a hinge becomes corroded or stiff/floppy and unserviceable due to corrosion or salt build up. 

In sum, if we see that you took good care of your tripod and something went wrong, we will go out of our way to fix or replace it for you. If we see that you dragged it through the mud (literally or metaphorically), then we are unlikely to fix/replace it for you. How you handle your tripod and take care of it, is all the difference between 3- or 20 years of service. 

The best of tripods will not last longer than 2/3 years if used regularly in the sea, INCORRECTLY, and never serviced. Always make sure to extend the lowest leg section first, so you keep the joints out of the water/sand. Always rinse with freshwater after use in the sea, wipe down with a wet cloth, leave extended to dry and ENSURE YOU KEEP THE HEAD AND APEX DRY. If your tripod’s joints start feeling sandy/gritty, open them up, give them a proper clean and lubrication and fine-tune the tension on the joints.

    If travelling on dirt roads, ensure that your tripod is in its carry-bag when not in use.

    Your tripod will not take care of itself – it is up to you to do so. All our tripods ship with an info-sheet on taking care of your tripod. We also offer a full tripod disassembly and service for R1000, including shipping both ways.

    Why are f-stop Gear products so expensive in SA?

    People like to jump to the conclusion that it is because someone in the local supply chain is making a lot of money, but unfortunately for us, that is not the case. *Photo
    Brendon Wainwright

    The real answer is import duty.

    Virtually all backpacks or backpack systems are subject to a whopping 30% import tax. These taxes are supposed to protect local manufacturers by giving them a competitive edge against the rest of the globe. It works well to protect local businesses and jobs, but unfortunately in a situation like this, where there is no local competition for a product like fstop gear, it just enriches the tax collector.

    If you consider the cost of the Tilopa in America at $399, you can calculate the correlating local price by multiplying it by x1.45 (15% VAT + 30% import duty).

    $399*US price x 1.45*tax = $578
    $578 x R18.40*exchange rate = R10 653
    Our price R8 595

    *based on prices and exchange rate as Feb 2023

    We know it’s tempting to buy it in the US and have it shipped here, but you will be slapped with the same 45% taxes when it has to go through customs. It is also worth noting that in a small market like SA, importers have smaller margins because we cannot benefit from the economy of scale as similar brands can in the large first world markets.

    We barely scrape a profit on this brand - we import it because like most photographers, we tried multiple bags from multiple brands and hated every single one. Fstop gear is the only company that makes a comfortable, practical, high quality backpack for adventurous photographers.