NiSi V7 100mm Filter Holder Has Arrived

The latest version of NiSi's popular 100mm filter holder is now available in South Africa, featuring 3 critical improvements over the previous version, V6. 

Improvement #1: True Colour Circular Polarizer

First and most important is a change in the included circular polarizer. The V5 holder featured their standard polarizer, which has a slightly warm tone. V6 featured the Landscape polarizer, which has a slightly cool tone. The V7 holder goes back to natural roots and features what they call the 'True Colour' CPL, which is the same as the standard screw-in CPL called the 'Natural CPL'. 

Landscape Photographer Matt Bouch did a good review on the effects and differences of each of these, available here. If you prefer one of the older versions, you can request that we swop out the True Colour CPL for any of the other 3 at no extra charge. 

Improvement #2: Bayonet Mount Circular Polarizer

The first and greatest improvement is that the CPL now attaches much more simply and quickly. The adapter ring and CPL both have 3x white guide markings - simply line them up, turn the filter about 10 degrees and it is locked in place. This is a great improvement over V6, which saves a lot of time and stress with installation and removal of the CPL. 

Improvement #3: Redesigned Safety Pin

The second improvement is a complete redesign of the safety pin, which is now incorporated into the main lock/release button of the holder. Once the holder is attached, simply give the safety stop a few turns and it blocks the main pin from releasing the holder. To release it, just unscrew it again. 

This design functions much more simply and safely than the previous design and there is less margin for user error when you are getting to know your filter holder. 

The Same Class-leading, Reliable Features

The V7 holder still allows the use of up to 3x square filters to be used simultaneously with the included polariser at a focal length as wide as 15mm, without any vignetting (filters in upright position, not at an angle). It still includes adapter rings for 82mm,77mm,72mm and 67mm threads and a lens cap for the adapter ring that allows easy storage without having to remove the adapter rings. 

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