Leofoto Ranger – The Best Tripod on the Market

Update November 2021

LS-324+LH-40 = R7 499.00
LS-325+LH-40 = R7 499.00
LS-323+LH-40 = R8 499.00

Free L-bracket offer has ended.


We have just dropped the price of the LS-323/324/325 kits (includes LH-40 head) to R7 499.00 and we are including a free L-bracket with each kit. These 3 models have quickly become our best-selling product and offer unparalleled value for money.

Most decent-sized carbon fiber tripods (we're talking about legs only) in SA cost more than R7 500. Most heads comparable to Leofoto’s LH-40 (there are very few) cost well over R5 000. Most camera-specific L-brackets cost over R2 000 and there normally isn’t stock in SA. We are also the only distributor to stock a model in its 3-,4- and 5-section variants, so that you can choose the ideal balance between rigidity and folded size that suits your needs. We can say with confidence that nothing in the South African market comes close to the value and quality of these tripods.


1.5 Years with Leofoto 

Inititial impressions

It is now 18 months since we got our first shipment of Leofoto tripods and in that short time, they have gone from being virtually unknown to the brand that the whole world is raving about. When you see an online thread about tripod recommendations, the majority of commenters recommend Leofoto.

Why are so many people choosing Leofoto? 

Value = Price to quality ratio

It is not about quality alone. If it were, then we’d all be importing tripods that aren’t available locally. Leofoto’s quality is excellent, amongst the best, but not the very best. Gitzo and RRS make legs that perform better and Arca Swiss heads still outshine that of Leofoto, but when you combine price and quality as criteria, Leofoto stands head and shoulders above the market. A simple example is  the best-selling Leofoto LS-324 legs; We sell the LS-324 for just R5000 and the equivalent premium European tripod has a recommended retail price in SA of R17000. The European tripod outperforms the Leofoto when doing rigidity and vibration absorption testing in the lab, but only by a tiny margin. Who is going to pay 3x times the price for a 5% improvement in performance? As with laboratory testing of things like SNR and dynamic range of sensors, margins like 10% are incredibly difficult to see in practical everyday use, whether it is sensor noise or a tripod’s ability to absorb vibration.


This is an extremely underrated element. There are plenty of other brands who make decent tripods at affordable prices and get the job done, but they’ve barely revised their designs in 10-20 years. This varies between the tripods being clunky and slow to use, difficult to maintain when the time comes to service and clean, or being just plain boring. Leofoto’s tripods are beautiful and cutting edge – they are constantly releasing products that try to push the envelope of how one can give a tripod as much function as possible, without compromising too much on size, weight and ease of operation.

Service and support

We get the necessary support from HQ to sort out any issues instantly. We have a large supply of spares of the parts that break due to wear and tear or go missing, like joints, shims and feet. Unless you lose feet or break joints on a weekly basis, we have no plan to charge for those spares. If you or your client lose or break a small part, we will replace it at zero cost and dispatch it to you with an overnight courier. No waiting for months or paying R500 for a tiny piece of plastic.


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