Lockdown Update, 30 April 2020

We hope that you are still doing ok under the circumstances. I’m sure that missing the photogenic autumn colour and sunsets has been painful for most photographers.

According to the latest set of lockdown rules from the government, we are still not allowed to receive imports or ship out any orders as we are a non-essential e-commerce business. There isn’t much that we can do as a tiny photographic retailer, but the good news is that the large players in the e-commerce sector are putting up a very big fight against the DTI to allow e-commerce to resume. So, while the current scenario looks like we’ll only be able to get orders out during phase 3, I am confident that the cumulative pressure on the government will soon yield some logic and allow us to reopen. If we get any update on the situation, we will immediately communicate it to everyone who has placed an order and is waiting for it to ship out.

To everyone who has supported us during lockdown with a purchase – your help is greatly appreciated. It has changed our situation from extremely dire to knowing we can get through this. As a token of gratitude, we are dropping the gift tier for a copy of John Hone’s Encounters with the Dragon from R10 000 to R7000, which means that all orders over R7000 get a free copy of the book.

A friendly reminder that today is the last day that the 20% discount on NiSi is still valid and if the ZAR stays at 18 to the USD, then we will have to increase pricing by another 20% in the near future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.