Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-
Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod-

Leofoto Summit LM-364CL Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Summit Tripods

Building on the best designs in the tripod industry, Leofoto’s Summit tripods combine precision manufacturing with the very best materials to offer a large tripod with a modular apex. This offers a solid support platform with a wide range of accessory compatibility that is an absolute pleasure to use and simple to maintain. Whether you're heading to the studio, the beach or the range, Leofoto's Summit range is the go-to support platform for the serious shooter.  


  • Material - Carbon Fiber
  • Leg Sections - 4
  • Maximum Height - 170cm
  • Minimum Height - 10cm
  • Closed Length - 60cm
  • Weight - 2050g
  • Load Capacity - 30kg


  • Summit tripods include a large padded bag.
  • Free bowl adapter – Summit tripods include a free bowl adapter for leveling bases or video heads. Other manufacturers charge R1000-R2000 for this critical item. (32- and 36- series – 75mm, 40-series – 100mm)
  • 3x Spiked Feet
  • Mulit-Tool
  • Instructions

 Naming Convention | LM-364CL

  • LM | Summit
  • 36 | 36mm top leg diameter
  • 4 | 4-section
  • CL | Carbon Fiber EXTRA LENGTH

LM-364CL heights at each leg lock angle

23° 55° 85°
With 0 sections extended 560mm 370mm 95mm
With 1 section extended 970mm 615mm 125mm
With 2 sections extended 1350mm 845mm 145mm
With 3 sections extended 1695mm 1156mm 165mm

Modular Accessories - One of the key attractions of systematic tripods is the removable apex plate, which can be interchanged with a variety of other accessories.

  1. In-Apex Leveling Base Photography |A must-have for panorama and video shooters. Click here for the YB-75LP.
  2. In-Apex Leveling Base SOAR | A leveling base is the most affordable head for sports use. Due to the long ranges at which all shooting is done, shooters don't need nearly as much articulation/pitch as photographers need, making a leveling base the perfect psuedo-head. Click here for the YB-75LR.
  3. Video Heads | All Leofoto 32- and 36- series Summit tripods are compatible with 75mm balls and a 75mm bowl adapter is included with all tripods. All Leofoto 40 series tripods are compatible with 100mm balls and a 100mm bowl adapter is included with the tripod. Leofoto's video heads can be found here.
  4. Center Column | Center columns are a must-have for studio photographers. Leofoto make both standard and geared columns for the Summit tripods, which can be found here.

Modern Apex Design - Summit series tripods feature an apex machined from aircraft grade aluminium. About 30% of the apex chassis is machined away to save weight, resulting in a hollowed out design that doesn’t compromise on strength or rigidity. Atop the apex you will find a standard 3/8” mounting screw compatible with 99% of tripod heads as well as a big, bright spirit level. The bottom features a hook for attaching weight in windy conditions, but the hook can be removed to reveal another 3/8” mounting hole.

The side of the apex features 3 instruments –

  1. A screw clamp that locks the apex around the baseplate/bowl adapter/center column.
  2. Safety catch with a simple pull-tab to release the baseplate/bowl adapter/center column from the apex.
  3. Leofoto 3/8” proprietary attachment port for magic arms and other accessories.

Premium Joint Assembly - The legs attach via stainless steel hinge shafts and brass bushings to a machined aluminium hinge chassis – premium materials you won’t see on many tripods in the market today.

Premium Japanese Carbon Fiber - Leofoto uses 10x layer cross-weave carbon fiber tubes made by Toray Inc – one of the world’s top carbon fiber manufacturers. This ensures strength and rigidity, while ensuring class-leading weight specifications. The hinges feature self-returning angle-selectors, a small feature that speeds up operation. All Summit tripods offer leg angles of 23, 55 and 85 degrees. 

Uncomplicated Joints – All tripod ranges feature fat joints with prominent ribbing to provide great grip and torque for easy loosening and tightening of the joints. One of Leofoto’s proprietary features is a single-piece joint-shim (the shim helps legs to lock together more firmly and prevents the legs from being able to rotate within each other); those who have opened up a twist-joint tripod and seen parts fly will know the frustration of disassembling and reassembling those delicate internal components. All Leofoto tripods feature a one-piece shim, which makes maintenance and cleaning of the joints much easier. 

Beveled Aluminium Core Feet – A tripod foot is just a piece of rubber, right? Think again! Most manufacturer’s tripod feet are just a steel spike encased in rubber – this makes it heavy and allows a lot of flex/vibration in the malleable rubber. Leofoto’s engineers have gone to great lengths to make the ultimate tripod foot and the result is an internal aluminium frame that minimizes the amount of flexible rubber in the construction. While this is a tiny detail, it adds to the rigidity of the tripod. All Leofoto ranges’ feet feature a multi-angled bevel, which helps it to grip on uneven terrain. All Leofoto tripods also include a set of spiked feet for shooting on ice or slippery rocks. 

All aluminium components are treated with a hard-anodization process for durability against scratches and bumps.

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Delivery options and what they cost

We pride ourselves on lightning fast shipping, FREE on all orders over R1000. For orders under R1000 a courier fee of R120 will apply. Apart from large f-stop gear orders and large tripods, most of our items ship overnight and the daily cutoff is 13:00. You can read more on the deliveries page

Can I collect my parcel? 

Yes, you can collect your order from our warehouse in Saxenburg Park, Blackheath (08:00 - 14:00). Just choose the collection option at checkout- we'll follow up with the specifics. Please note that we are very strict about payment if collecting. We will not release any goods if we are not 100% comfortable about payment. We accept the following as payment confirmation in order to release the goods. 

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What payment options are available?  

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What is your policy on returns and or exchanges?

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*If paying with any card, 4.5% of the transaction value goes to the credit card payment facilitation company. "Full Refund" means that we will return the full amount we received after the credit card service fees. If you are at all unsure that what you're buying is ideal for you, rather opt for EFT payment to be safe. 

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We have a no-nonsense approach. If a product breaks due to a manufacturer defect, we will replace it without asking any questions. If we have any reason to believe that the product was put through unreasonably heavy usage, we will have to follow the manufacturer's standard warranty procedure. 

Find more info on proper care and use for each brand below. 

NiSi Care & Use

F-stop Care & Use


The manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty on all products and we extend that warranty to our customers. Please read the below very carefully, so you understand your position when something breaks or doesn’t work ideally anymore.

It is critical to understand that this warranty only applies to factory faults and not to standard wear and tear. Tripods are subject to a lot of gray areas in this regard as tripods used outdoors, particularly in sand and sea water, are subjected to extreme wear and tear. We will e.g. replace the affected part of your tripod if a carbon tube snaps or cracks without much pressure applied to it or if the apex breaks. We will not replace your tripod or the affected part if e.g. a joint locks up due to sand or salt build up or if a hinge becomes corroded or stiff/floppy and unserviceable due to corrosion or salt build up. 

In sum, if we see that you took good care of your tripod and something went wrong, we will go out of our way to fix or replace it for you. If we see that you dragged it through the mud (literally or metaphorically), then we are unlikely to fix/replace it for you. How you handle your tripod and take care of it, is all the difference between 3- or 20 years of service. 

The best of tripods will not last longer than 2/3 years if used regularly in the sea, INCORRECTLY, and never serviced. Always make sure to extend the lowest leg section first, so you keep the joints out of the water/sand. Always rinse with freshwater after use in the sea, wipe down with a wet cloth, leave extended to dry and ENSURE YOU KEEP THE HEAD AND APEX DRY. If your tripod’s joints start feeling sandy/gritty, open them up, give them a proper clean and lubrication and fine-tune the tension on the joints.

If travelling on dirt roads, ensure that your tripod is in its carry-bag when not in use.

Your tripod will not take care of itself – it is up to you to do so. All our tripods ship with an info-sheet on taking care of your tripod. We also offer a full tripod disassembly and service for R1000, including shipping both ways.


Leofoto Tripods

Take a few minutes to educate yourself on what is available, so you can make an informed decision when choosing a tripod suited to your needs.

Want to see and feel the range before buying? Visit our office in Stellenbosch by contacting us.

Model naming

Leofoto tripods come in a diverse range of styles, sizes and lengths. Understanding the naming convention for each of the models is probably the easiest way to understand what each one does.

Leofoto Tripod Range

Ranger (LS)

The Leofoto Ranger series is at the forefront of modern tripod design. Removing the center column of a tripod reduces weight, folded size and cost, while improving stifness rigidity and lifespan. 

Unless you're addicted to a center column or you need a very large tripod, the Ranger models are our #1 recommendation.

Summit (LM)

Building on the best designs in the tripod industry, Leofoto’s Summit tripods combine precision manufacturing with the very best materials to offer a large systematic style support system for large cameras and lenses.


Ranger (LS)

More and more consumers and manufacturers are waking up to the fact that a center-column is a major compromise in design and function. Leofoto is one of just a few manufacturers who have jumped to make column-less tripods their core range.

Leofoto Ranger



No-Compromise Apex

Machined aluminium, stainless steel hinge shafts, brass washers, self-returning angle selectors. Feel free to compare this with other manufacturers - there is only one other that uses this level of quality and their tripods cost about 4x times that of Leofoto.

Toray 10x Carbon Fiber

Toray Inc. is a Japanese company and one of the world's largest and most reputable carbon fiber manufacturers. 
They produce 10x layer cross-weave carbon fiber tubing for Leofoto - a critical component in premium tripods.

Premium Joints and Feet

Fat joints with deep ribbing provide excellent torque and grip, requiring less than half a turn to lock and unlock a leg. Single-piece shims make maintenance much easier. 

Leofoto's feet have a solid aluminium internal frame and a beveled face that corresponds with the leg angles.


Ranger LS-323/324/325 kits from R7 999

These 3 models have quickly become our best-selling all-rounders. Now priced at R7 999 and R8 999 (Sept 2022), these kits offer unparalleled value for money.

*Includes LS-323, 324 or 325 tripod legs, LH-40 ballhead.

Shop Ranger LS-32 kits


Kits If you need a head, then kits offer better value than buying components individually.

Pricing starts at R4 999 for the LS-225C + LH-25. The very best value you will find is the LS-323/324/325 + LH-40 kits at R7 999 or R8 999. Our competing brands' equivalent models sell for about 2x - 2.5x times as much.

Legs Only

For those who already have a head, we offer all of the legs individually.

Pricing ranges from R3 999 for the tiny LS-225C legs to R7 499 for the massive LS-365C legs. This is on average about 40-50% of what our competing brands charge for similar models.

Levelling Legs (CEX)

The CEX models are an absolute dream for panorama and video shooters. These models have a levelling half-ball built into the apex. This option is lighter, more compact and has a lower center of gravity than any modular option. 

Click here to view levelling tripods


Ranger Explorer

Leofoto LS-284CVL


Column Included


Summit (LM)

Building on the best designs in the tripod industry, Leofoto’s Summit tripods combine precision manufacturing with the very best materials to offer a large systematic style support system for large cameras and lenses.

Leofoto Summit

Summit Features

Premium Apex

As with the rangers, Summit models feature a no-compromise apex machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium. It features stainless steel hinge shafts, brass washers, self-returning angle selectors, weight hook, 3/8" accessory port and a bright yellow spirit level.

Modular Accessories

Large modular center columns are available for summit models in both standard and geared versions. 
We will be starting with the standard versions and adding the geared version later in 2020.

View DC-364C modular center column


Leofoto offers a Picatinny to Arca-Swiss dovetail adapter as well as a large universal rifle clamp. These are best paired with the YB-75LC leveling base as a pseudo head or the LH-55 low profile head.

View SOAR/PRS products

In-Apex Leveling Base

This accessory is an absolute must-have for panorama addicts. It allows you to level your tripod in seconds.

*Free bowl adapter included with all Summit tripods.

View Accessories


Invest in Quality

If you've spent R500k on cameras and lenses, the worst thing you can do is to put it on a cheap tripod. Make sure that you have the same quality product supporting your valuable camera gear.

The Summit range is designed for large telephoto systems.