Jacques Crafford

Jacques is a freelance videographer who specialises in tourism, travel and adventure films. He is constantly on the move and his job has taken him to some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Although he never classified himself as a photographer, this quickly changed when he started shooting stills of his travels, soon translating into a deep love for landscape photography.

Apart from traveling abroad, Jacques has a great passion for promoting South African Tourism. He strives to always to look for new locations or to shoot old locations with a fresh approach. His aim is not only to promote South Africa to the outside world but even more so to its locals.

He tries to incorporate people into all of his shots, not only for scale but also to encourage the viewer that they themselves can go there.  He’s currently based in Stellenbosch and he uses every bit of spare time to explore the mountains with the Drakensberg being his favourite range.

Jacques is also an educator and has hosted a variety of workshops, both locally and abroad. To find out more about what he does, check out his Instagram for regular updates.


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