New f-stop gear DuraDiamond Range

f-stop, the world's leading camera bag and accessory company, is announcing three newly designed camera bags as a part of their iconic Mountain Series: The SHINN 80L DuraDiamondTM, TILOPA 50L DuraDiamondTM, and AJNA 37L DuraDiamondTM. Made with f-stop’s exclusive and proprietary DuraDiamondTM fabric, the new packs bring greater durability, more protection from the elements, and better organization features than ever before.

“These new camera packs are the result of hundreds of conversations with our customers and ambassadors. We listened and embarked upon a rigorous product development project, including dozens of field tests, interviews, and a lot of great feedback from the adventure and outdoor photography community. We’re so proud to share three extraordinary new camera backpacks that incorporate the industry’s best technology, materials and manufacturing processes,” – Druid Orion, f-stop CEO

Left to right: The Tilopa, Ajna and Shinn

f-stop customers have an adventurous mindset

Whether that takes them to the far reaches of the globe or on adventures closer to home, f-stop camera bags are there to comfortably carry their equipment and protect it from the environment. f-stop bags have always been renowned for their quality, attention to detail, and rugged durability. The newly re-designed bags, built on the already impressive Mountain Series packs, raise the bar even higher.

There are several important upgrades in the new bags, but a few highlights include:

  • New Fabric: DuraDiamondTM a proprietary fabric available exclusively on f-stop camera bags. It’s lighter, more weather resistant and stronger.

  • Improved Weather Resistance: Welding in key areas combined with DuraDiamondTM material and weather resistant zippers offering even better protection from the elements.

  • Improved Functionality: Enhanced organizational features include a back panel with magnetic closures for memory cards and additional zipper pouches for ease of access to key components such as batteries and cables and dedicated laptop sleeve in the TILOPA and SHINN.

  • Stunning Aesthetics: Two new colors for the TILOPA and AJNA - Cypress and Magma. Plus, much of the hardware has been upgraded to T6 aluminum.


As travel resumes, we can finally justify restocking the full range of f-stop gear products, so their new range couldn’t have come at a better time. We will be getting a shipment from their EU warehouse in mid-December, which should be in our hands late January.

Annual Pack Week Promotions

f-stop’s annual pack week promotion is coming up on the 22nd of November and while we don’t have stock at the moment, we will be offering the promotion on any fully paid pre-orders for delivery late January.

  • Place your order during pack week, make full payment, expect delivery late January.

We can’t disclose the discount amount right now, but we can say that it is a very generous discount and the promo pricing on the new products will be lower than the 2019 pricing on the older range.

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New colours

 While Anthracite stays, the new range says goodbye to the light green aloe and shocking orange nasturtium. Aloe is being replaced by a beautiful dark green called Cypress and Nasturtium is being replaced by Magma, which is a slightly toned down version of Nasturtium. f-stop has prioritised the new colours, so our first shipment will not include any Anthracite stock. Until about April 2022, your choice will be between Cypress and Magma. Please note that our order is about 80% Cypress and 20% Magma, so if you like the look of Magma, get in touch to reserve stock as we are getting very little in.

Pictured above: The Tilopa in Anthracite, Cypress and Magma

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