New Extra Long Ranger LS-254CL and LS-284CL Tripods for Hiking and Traveling

Introducing the Leofoto LS-254CL and LS-284CL kits. Leofoto's best selling tripods, but tailored to the South African market.

Feel like déjà vu? You'd be excused for thinking so. The only difference is the L in the name, which stands for extra-long. The Leofoto Ranger tripods are without a doubt the best value-for-money tripods on the market, but the smaller sizes have one critical shortcoming - the 4-section models are too short for people over 1.65m in length. Leofoto tried to overcome this by making 5-section models which reach higher, but 5-section tripods aren't everyone's cup of tea. They take long to deploy and 4 joints in a thin leg compromises rigididity substantially.

The solution? Custom LS-254 and 284 models that are about 20% taller than the standard models. You won't find them on the Leofoto website as they were produced exclusively for the SA market.

These new models still fold up short enough to strap to a backpack comfortably without being a nuisance and there is virtually no weight difference compared to the standard models. See the specs below.

  LS-254C Kit LS-254CL Kit
Extended Height 128cm 154cm
Folded Height 52cm 59cm
Weight 1240g 1310g


  LS-284C Kit LS-284CL Kit
Extended Height 128cm 160cm
Folded Height 53cm 61cm
Weight 1430g 1540g


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