Choosing the Right Gear

One of the key elements that drove our growth over the past 5 years has been our in-depth articles on choosing the right gear for your needs. We have decided to go all out on this feature for our new site, but it is a time-consuming process and it will take us well into 2019 to complete it all.

Here's what to expect as we take on the new year:

Q3 2019 - Each brand will have a condensed choosing article below the products page for that brand. NiSi and Gitzo have been done - just scroll down on a  product page to find the basics you need before choosing. 

2020 - A video version of each choosing article will be produced where we talk about the products and show them in an outdoor and studio environment to make the online shopping experience easier than ever.

While we are working on this, you can as always give us a call or drop us a mail to get an instant answer to your questions from our gear-nerds.